How to Get Affordable Health Insurance Working From Home

Affordable health insurance can be hard to find if you work for yourself. Many businesses that have a specific number of employees are offered a discount for insurance, and this is why they are able to offer it to employees at such a discounted rate. The best bet for freelancers is to use independent agents or check online for deals. You have to decide which type of plan you will need, and the deals you get will be based on your age, the age of your family members and the family’s health history as well as your budget.

COBRA insurance may be a wise investment if you are just leaving a job and starting your own home business. The last employer is required to offer your previous health, dental and life or vision insurance that you had while employed there for anywhere from 9 months to 3 years. The COBRA cost will be the same amount that your employer was paying for the group rate.

High Risk Pools
High risk pools for health insurance are sometimes offered in many states. These are normally less expensive than private plans and are a great idea for those working from home who cannot obtain insurance because of a pre-existing medical condition or another high risk medical problem. The Health Insurance Resource Center is available for more information about these high risk state health insurance pools.

Planning Ahead
If you are still at a conventional job and you know you are going to start your own business, it is always best to plan ahead. Some insurance providers will take up to 3 months and sometimes longer to approve new members, so it is best to get started as soon as possible. Some people wait 3-5 months to find out that they have been denied coverage, and last minute have to try to find coverage elsewhere or have no insurance. Since insurance is so high, not letting coverage lapse is the best bet to keep costs down and to have no gaps in coverage. Insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if a child or spouse were to require hospitalization while there was no coverage, you would see how very much it could save you.

Union and Associations
A freelancer union or even a writer’s union as well as independent contractor associations are available to help people who work from home be able to get insurance. There may even be insurance options available through the union or association. For example, the National Writers Union offers many options for insurance for its members. The National Association for the Self Employed offers free estimates on insurance, and if you are a published author you can actually get a discounted insurance rate from the Author’s Guild. Check on the internet for your specific niche, and see if there are any associations or unions available for the job you will have at home.

Regardless of your work at home business, affordable health insurance is available. It is a matter of simply knowing where to look and who to talk to.

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