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Promote a fundraiser - Advertising Freelance Job ($0 - $250)

Skills Required: Marketing, Advertising, Sales

I am a true believer in a result-based compensation. It's not always easy to judge someone performance by the hours or hourly rate. Thankfully fundrai ...

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Xls Import Plugin ($500 - $1000)

Skills Required: Database Development, Programming, Web Design Development

We need a wordpress website and plugin that reads in an MS office excel spread sheet and uploads texts pictures onto the website and display it in the ...

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Logo Design for a Website & Company ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

Transform2grow is a multinational consultancy firm providing client companies with vast range of par-excellence leade... ...

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Python Desktop Application ($250 - $500)

Skills Required: Programming, Python

PROJECT SUMMARY A python desktop application for a psychology experiment Application will display images for a particular period of time after ...

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Entrepreneur looking for a Designer for long-term partnership (N/A)

Skills Required: N/A

When you join The Robert Allen Group, the nation?s leading designer, marketer and distributor of designer fabrics and home furnishings, you join a gr ...

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writer - Academic Writing Freelance Job ($0 - $250)

Skills Required: Writing, Editing, Translation

We are looking for an excellent writer who can help us with writing articles, research papers and reports on various subjects. You write a media plan ...

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Help With An Excel Macro (N/A)

Skills Required: VBA

I have around 5 files with 10K of pdfs in each Each pdf corresponds name wise to a string cell value on an excel spreadsheet I would like the exce ...

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Create branding to attract chiropractors striving for excellence in education and innovation ($0 - $410)

Skills Required: brand-identity-pack

Provides innovation, education and research for future Chiropractic leaders.... ...

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Logo for a bespoke kitchen and interior manufacturer ($0 - $300)

Skills Required: logo-design

Liedssen kitchens and interior projects are unique. They are the result of a constant search for excellence, and dedi... ...

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Human Resource Officer - Contract Recruiting Freelance Job ($500 - $999)

Skills Required: Business Consulting

Heaven2Eleven is seeking for a Human Resource Officer to develop, advice on and implement policies relating to the effective use of personnel within a ...

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