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Excel sheet (+VBA) to create automatically updating priority list for different jobs ($30 - $0)

Skills Required: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps

We are a small company that deals with the repair/service of camera and associated equipment. We have been struggling with prioritising work as some j ...

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Build me a financial analysis interface (updated) -- 2 ($5000 - $0)

Skills Required: Excel, Financial Analysis, Graphics Programming, Visual Basic

I work in a bank and we usually sell shares to investors. When a company wants to sell a large amount of them they use a mechanism called subasta. The ...

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woocommerce advanced -- 2 ($30 - $0)

Skills Required: MySQL, WooCommerce, WordPress

we have a woocomerce site that needs to import products from third data base. A script is needed to do this .. the script should update the woocomere ...

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business leads ($10 - $0)

Skills Required: Internet Marketing, Leads, Marketing, Sales, Telemarketing

I want updated business leads for my wo ...

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Google Chrome Video download extension ($30 - $0)

Skills Required: Google Chrome, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Prototype, PHP

Dear friends, we are looking for an coder, who will build for us small and flexible Chrome extension. Extension must have: Menu bar under addre ...

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Angular JS and PHP Web App Editing (N/A)

Skills Required: Angular.js, Graphic Design, Javascript, PHP, Website Design

I need you to edit a web app which is made in Angular JS for data updation. In which you will have to design a form in Php and that same form will be ...

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i need to update my automated tracking email on wordpress/woocommerce ($10 - $0)

Skills Required: CSS, HTML, PHP, WooCommerce, WordPress

I just need to change my automated email that gets sent to my customers once I add in tracking number on woocommerce order ...

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I need a Web developer with Kentico CMS experience ($15 - $0)

Skills Required: ASP, ASP.NET, Web Development

We manage a hotel in the Caribbean which has two websites which we are moving over to GoDaddy. We are looking for an independent contractor that can ...

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Looking for an FAST and Detailed person to update EXCEL Attendance File (Data Entry) - 07/01/2018 20:58 EST ($250 - $0)

Skills Required: Copy Typing, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Word

I need someone to update an Excel Attendance File Sheet. You will be given a PDF with all Time Logs, Schedules for the month and a formatted Excel She ...

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Need Help Designing Our New Online Store Landing Page and Website! ($30 - $0)

Skills Required: CSS, HTML, Landing Pages, Website Design

We are a growing custom t-shirt company and have an online store that we want to update! We want to improve our Landing page, as well as our other w ...

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