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Business Lead For Cold Calling Automotive Dealers ($8 - $0)

Skills Required: CRM, PHP, Sales,, Telemarketing

We are looking for a sales lead to make their own calling scripts along the way while tweaking them. You must be available during the week day for at ...

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Sell our business products - for US ($250 - $0)

Skills Required: Instagram Marketing, Marketing, Sales, Sales Promotion,

We are a business corporation. We offer products in business services that helps small and medium business develop and expand their markets. We are lo ...

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Salesforce Development -- 2 ($25 - $0)

Skills Required: Database Programming, PHP, Salesforce App Development,, Software Architecture

Position Description: Fedsight LLC has an immediate opening for a Salesforce developer with three to five years of developing Salesforce applicati ...

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Salesforce Integration Consultation (N/A)

Skills Required: Cloud Computing, CRM, Salesforce App Development,, SAP

We have an integration project dealing with Salesforce. We need some consultation on Salesforce integration architecture - Inbound and Outbou ...

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Salesforce <> Marketing Cloud | Simple API (N/A)

Skills Required: API, CRM, RESTful, Salesforce App Development,

Dear freelancer, We require to develop a trigger on Salesforce, so when a new Contact is created the API will search for existing email address in ...

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