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Create a new logo for a small business platform ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

MyCQO is a small business data platform. We use technology to survey customers on their smartphones as they leave a ... ...

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Logo for smartphone fixing company ($0 - $400)

Skills Required: brand-identity-pack

the company will fix people smartphones and tablets on the road. we will have technicians on bikes going to clients a... ...

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Capture the magic of a conch shell in an app icon for Fable ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We make a radio app for smartphones. The target audience is educated 20-40 year olds who do creative work.... ...

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Create a simple logo to convey trust, ease and convenience (can you do that!?) ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

The product is a smartphone app which creates a marketplace for tradespeople... ...

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Create a simply yet strong Wordmark logo for drinkyy ios application ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We market and sell drink deals for bar/pub/club's owners to customers via a smartphone app.... ...

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LOOKING FOR HQ EBAY SELLER | EASY TASK - Advertising Freelance Job ($250 - $499)

Skills Required: Marketing, Advertising, Sales

Yesterday it was my birthday and i got some nice gifts, I already had a few products that I got, so I want to sell them on eBay or Amazon. I prefer eB ...

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Kickass, funky design for a new concept for mobile devices. Only high-octane, creative minds please! ($0 - $806)

Skills Required: logo-business-card-design

PixCell prints user-created pictures and designs on cases for all types smartphones and tablets. Users bring their di... ...

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URBAN MOBILE ($0 - $400)

Skills Required: brand-identity-pack

Urban Mobile is a mobile products reseller including mobile services (carrier services), smartphones, smartphone acce... ...

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Watching 3D in every Smartphone at WOOPTIX ($0 - $300)

Skills Required: logo-design

WOOPTIX is a disruptive new technology that enables 3D experience in any smartphone, TARGET AUDIENCE IS THE GLOBAL WO... ...

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New Product Packaging that is going into nation wide retail stores ($0 - $410)

Skills Required: product-packaging-design

We design and manufacture the most portable premium lens kit for smartphones (currently only iPhone) on the market. ... ...

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